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What We Do

SPF-Inc provides consulting services to companies active with or associated with the materials, products and processes of printing, coating, laminating, packaging, and the manufacture and use of specialty papers & films.

Clients include substrate manufacturers, coaters and converters, equipment vendors, chemical, ink & colorant manufacturers, distributors, printers and major end-users, located in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Assignments have included production line designs, technology selections, formulating, sourcing materials and services, product defect cause and elimination, equipment suitability assessments, detailed technology training, new product design, new product development, process design, process development and qualification, prior art discovery, strategy and leadership.

At SPF-Inc we put value to the client foremost in every engagement.

Thus, when change is required the recommendations will be for solutions that improve operability, simplify complexity, reduce losses, improve product performance and meet client strategy. Additionally, we involve client's staff at the appropriate levels, so there is a permanent legacy from the experience.